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ATTENTION: experienced corporate presenters, public speakers, professional speakers & pastors.

Do you want to deliver a good, a great or an unforgettable presentation?

Get insights from behind the scenes on some of the most unforgettable presentations ever delivered.


√ What's the story behind the presentation?

√ Where did the idea come from?

√ How did they prepare it?

√ How did they execute it?


Join World Champions of Public Speaking, Mark Brown & Darren LaCroix. They have been world-class speaking coaches for over a decade and have trained presenters in over 14 countries. You’ll love their chemistry and wisdom.


What will you hear?


Some episodes will be rock-solid content, some episodes will be interviews with presenters who delivered an unforgettable presentation.

Nov 11, 2021

What’s a great career move when your children grow up and move out? Leave your corporate career and become a stand-up comedian! Stephanie McHugh explains her choice to Mark and Darren, and shares the lessons she learned about uncovering the humor in our painful experiences. Stephanie clarifies how the most sensitive situations can hold the seeds of humor…if we look for them. When we find the punch lines in our pain, our stories and our presentations can be unforgettable.


  • If humor didn’t quite work, don’t abandon it, amend it
  • Finding humor in pain is like a finding the right pieces to a puzzle
  • Look for humor in EVERY situation…especially the painful ones
  • Test every bit of humor three times
  • Pain and humor are universal